Modelling and the study of the memristor

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Advisor: John S. Loomis


Till date the circuitry world has known three fundamental circuit elements--capacitor, resistor and inductor. These circuit elements are defined by the relation between two of the four fundamental circuit variables--current, voltage, charge and flux. Way back in 1971, Prof. Leon Chua proposed on the grounds of symmetry that there should be a fourth fundamental circuit element which gives the relation between flux and charge. He named this the memristor, which is the short of memory resistor. This theory was then practically modeled, in May 2008 when the researchers at HP Labs published a paper announcing a model for a physical realization of a memristor. This report mainly focuses on the model of memristor and its applications. All the simulation results are studied using LTSpice.


Memristors Simulation methods, Electric circuits, Electrical engineering; electromagnetics

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