Student newspaper governance on public university campuses in Ohio : higher education administrators vs. student journalists

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Ph.D. in Educational Leadership


Department of Educational Leadership


Advisor: Charles J. Russo


This study examined attitudes of administrators, faculty, and students regarding student newspapers on Ohio's public university campuses; how student newspapers on the university campuses are governed, whether jurisdiction lies in administration, faculty, or student oversight; the extent to which problems occur between Ohio public university administrators and student journalists on the university campuses, including litigation; and examined anticipated changes in the current student newspaper governance structure and policies related to the student newspapers on the campuses. At its heart, this study focused on freedom of the press as it relates to student newspapers on public university campuses in Ohio.


College student newspapers and periodicals Ohio, College administrators Ohio, Freedom of the press, Student newspapers and periodicals Ohio, Educational leadership; higher education; higher education administration; journalism; mass communications; mass media; student newspaper governance; university student newspapers; press freedom on college campuses

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