The effects of teacher candidate gender, principal gender, and degree type on the elementary teacher selection process

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Ph.D. in Educational Leadership


Department of Educational Leadership


Advisor: A. William Place


This study examined how gender of applicants, degree type of application (online or traditional), and gender of principals responsible for hiring teachers impacted the likelihood of elementary teacher applicants moving forward in the hiring process. The study compared elementary principals' rating of hypothetical candidates for a first grade teaching position. Application of three theories, i.e., teaching as women's work," similarity-attraction, and preference for traditional learning, were tested using a 2x2x2 (applicant gender, administrator gender, and type of degree) factorial design analysis of variance with a step-down in which the dependent variables were sequential, based on prior research. The analysis failed to find a difference in the rating of candidates based on their gender, degree type, or the gender of the principal. The failure to find a significant difference must be considered in light of the potential for a Type II error due to the low power of this study."


Elementary school teachers Selection and appointment, Elementary school teachers Sex differences, Elementary school teachers Training of, Elementary school principals Attitudes, Sex discrimination in employment, Distance education Public opinion, Teachers Selection and appointment, Early childhood education; education; educational leadership; elementary education; teacher education; teacher selection; elementary teacher; teacher gender; degree type; online degree

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