Flexural analysis and composite behavior of precast concrete sandwich panel

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M.S. in Civil Engineering


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Mechanics


Advisor: Elias Anis Toubia


Several experimental studies have shown the effect of core shear contribution in precast concrete sandwich wall panels. Due to the complex nature of such construction, quantifying the contribution of the core on the behavior of the precast concrete sandwich wall panel subjected to lateral load and in-plane loads is still a challenge. Based on engineering judgment and experience, current design practices assume a certain percentage in composite action between the faces (wythes) of the sandwich panel. In this study, a general equation for the deflection of a simply supported sandwich panel under in-plane and lateral loads was developed. The formulated equation includes all mechanical properties of the core and the thick similar faces. Methods for calculating bending moments and stresses to design the precast concrete sandwich wall panel were developed and validated. The proposed equations allow for parametric studies without limitations regarding reinforcements, core shear mechanical properties, and geometrical dimensions.


Concrete panels Mechanical properties Mathematical models, Strains and stresses Mathematical models, Civil engineering; mechanical engineering; PCSP; deflection equation; composite behavior; moment; internal stress; shear modulus of the core

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