Cost analysis and evaluation of syngas synthesis through anaerobic digestion

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M.S. in Chemical Engineering


Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering


Advisor: Amy R. Ciric


Synthetic fuel, which is generated from syngas via Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, provides the world with an alternative for conventional fossil energy resources. Generating syngas is a prerequisite and critical for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. The conventional route from biomass to synthetic fuel uses gasification to produce syngas. This route requires oxygen, which increases the cost of the process. In contrast, anaerobic digestion takes place in the absence of oxygen, which might be more economically favorable. This thesis models and simulates a possible process of generating syngas from biomass: anaerobic digestion on an industrial scale, and to compare the economics and feasibility of this approach with conventional gasification.


Synthesis gas Processing, Biomass gasification, Biomass conversion, Chemical engineering; biofuels; anaerobic digestion; gasification; syngas production

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