The contextualized Noah: the deluge patriarch in Genesis, Jubilees, and Pseudo-Philo

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M.A. in Religious Studies


Department of Religious Studies


Advisor: Silviu N. Bunta


The figure of Noah--who appears in the biblical book of Genesis as well as this story's retelling in Jubilees and Pseudo-Philo--consists of a complex set of characteristics. A number of them are malleable, meaning that each work adapts Noah for their specific purpose: Genesis uses him as an axis of history; Jubilees, a priest; and Pseudo-Philo, a prophet. However, despite their diversity, several qualities remain constant in all three texts, regardless of their particularities. This thesis enumerates which qualities retain their stability and which ones change, as well as attempting to explain what about this character might have served the uses of this varied group of authors.


Noah (Biblical figure), Pseudo-Philo. Liber antiquitatum biblicarum Criticism, interpretation, etc, Bible. Genesis Criticism, interpretation, etc, Book of Jubilees Criticism, interpretation, etc, Bible; biblical studies; comparative; theology; Noah; Genesis 6-9; Jubilees; Pseudo-Philo

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