Fade to black

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M.A. in English


Department of English


Advisor: Albino Carrillo


Fade to Black is a collection of poetry detailing the human condition from the individual and personal perspective of an African-American woman. Although the main framework of the thesis deals with the African-American condition from a feminine perspective, there are other subsequent poems that address familial ties, and significant personal events that can shape an individual; thus this manuscript is separated into parts, which all seemingly coincide with one another. Part 1, is an introspective and individualistic view into the African-American female experience and acts as a physical catharsis both in function and form. Part 2 is not as ethnocentric as the previous section, where one can locate the cultural viewpoint; it is thematically egocentric. However, it is still an extension of Part 1, while remaining an independently functioning piece on its own. Finally, Part 3, though more sporadic in its poetic theme and lacking a personal connection to the individual, is meant to be read from a universal context. It doesn't quite fit into either of the aforementioned sections and is very abstract in subject matter. As a conclusion to the collection, historical narrative poems were chosen and are exemplary of this lack of connection with an individual perspective, which is intended to leave the reader pondering his or her own cultural perception and how he or she views other races from the same context. Whether you can identify personally with certain poems versus others, this cyclical collection of poetry is deliberate in prompting introspection and allowing--if only for a moment--the reader to see the world through a different set of eyes.


African American women Poetry, Women Poetry, United States 21st century Poetry, African literature; personal relationships; modern poetry; African American; blank verse; women studies

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