Redefining choice: a rhetorical analysis of The feminist case against abortion" "

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M.A. in Communication


Department of Communication


Advisor: Joseph M. Valenzano III


In The feminist case against abortion," Foster redefines the ideograph of choice in a way that is both pro-woman and pro-life. She supports her definition with genetic and analogical arguments from the past. Her focus on choice makes her speech a unique voice in the larger abortion debate and avoids the stalemate caused by opposing sides that function under totally different value systems."


Foster, Serrin Oratory, Feminists for Life of America, Pro-life movement, Abortion Moral and ethical aspects, Communication; abortion; pro-choice; pro-life; ideograph; stasis; argument from the past; feminists for life; Serrin Foster; the feminist case against abortion; Susan B. Anthony; Elizabeth Cady Staton

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