Factors associated with stalking victimization

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M.A. in Clinical Psychology


Department of Psychology


Advisor: Catherine Lutz Zois


This study examined victim characteristics as predictors of stalking victimization. Female college students (N=217) completed scales assessing the following constructs: stalking victimization, alexithymia, alcohol abuse, assertiveness, hyperfemininity, agreeableness, and dependent personality disorder. The results revealed significant negative correlations between stalking victimization and both alexithymia and agreeableness. There were significant positive correlations between stalking victimization with drinking problems and hyperfemininity. Agreeableness was found to contribute a unique portion of variance above alexithymia and drinking problems. No significant relationship was found between stalking victimization and assertiveness or dependent personality characteristics. The findings with respect to drinking problems, hyperfemininity, agreeableness, and alexithymia represent novel contributions to this research area that should be further explored in future studies.


Stalking victims Research, Victims of crimes Psychology Research, Women Crimes against Research, Clinical psychology

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