Ideal process design approach for hot metal working

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M.S. in Materials Engineering


Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering


Advisor: James C. Malas


The overall objective for this research is to develop an ideal process design approach for designing robust hot metal working process. This ideal process design approach is based on literature because of the limited capability on experimental conditions. In this research, a hot metal process consists of material system, process deformation system, and equipment system. Material system consists of workpiece material and its behavior under processing conditions. Deformation process system consists of tooling, preform geometry, and lubrication. Equipment system consists of metalworking machine and furnace including controls for temperature, ram speed, and applied force. Several exsiting analyses methods are used to determine ideal process conditions for each system. The Dynamic material model approach is used to determine a window of process conditions for ideal material system behavior and ideal forming theory with methods of analyses are used to calculate the ideal uniform deformation conditions for deformation process system. Moreover, a robust open-loop control system for metalworking machine is designed by effective model-based approach. The relationships between each system are represented by some valid empirical constitutive equations. In this research, an axiomatic design methodology is also used to analysis the efficiency of the overall ideal process design approach. This ideal process design approach is illustrated by a steel hot rolling process case study.


Steel founding Production control, Metalworking industries Production control, Production engineering Case studies, System design Case studies, Materials science; systems design; process design; hot metal working

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