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M.S. in Biology


Dr. P.A. Tsonis


Limb regeneration in vertebrates is a phenomenon in nature restricted to the urodele amphibians. This complicated process has many facets which are continually being studied using the latest techniques. For these studies, I first concentrated on the potential use of Tariclza gra1lulosa, a native California newt, as a suitable experimental organism and the effects of retinoic acid on its limb regeneration processes. Secondly, I have begun to elucidate the effects of vitamin D metabolites on the regeneration process in the mexican axolotl, Ambystoma mexicallum, and the newt, Notoptlzalmus viridescens. These effects were observed alone and in conjunction with retinoic acid, another steroid hormone, for potential synergism between these two hormones.


Salamanders, Newts, Steroid hormones


Illustrative matter includes mounted photographs

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