Liturgical illuminations: Marian theology in the Eastern Orthros, Morning Hours: a contextual study of Orthros for feast days of the Theotokos, the perspective of liturgical theology

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STL: Licentiate of Sacred Theology


International Marian Research Institute (in affiliation with the Marianum)


Advisor: Bertrand, Buby


Catholic and Orthodox theologies have always insisted there are two sources for revelation: Holy Scripture and Tradition. The purpose and methods of this work are to identify illuminations of Marian doctrine, ways for the faithful to know the mother of God in an anthropological and mystical embrace. The method of this thesis rests on an observatiuon of spiritual experience in prayer and prayer life, which thereby demonstrates Christian faith in its praxis, and identifies this belief as doctrine embraced in tradition. References to the Virgin Mary in the Bible are few but powerful. This work will explore liturgical texts in much the same way that biblical texts are studied, through recognition that liturgical texts are also generated from ancient times thereby providing a way to discover tradition. This tradition will be viewed as a canon of received truths concerning the Mother who bore God. In content, these texts are always founded in Holy Scripture -- Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament ... The approach in this theological study is to explore ancient eastern liturgical texts in order to illuminate Marian Theology"--P. 1-2 of Prologue."


Theology, Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint, in the Liturgy, Orthodox Eastern Church, Akolouthia tou Orthrou, Orthros, Orthodox Eastern Church, Liturgy, Texts

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