Arabizi - Help or Harm? An Analysis of the Impacts of Arabizi - Threat or Benefit to the Written Arabic Language?

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In the 21st century, the Arab world has undergone significant change, which has had profound impacts in the lives of Arab people throughout many occupations, fields, and locations. New technological advancements, communication innovations, and globalization efforts have been the core drivers to open the Arab world to Western civilization. The Arab world is characterized by unique cultural traditions, moral principles, and religious beliefs that differ greatly from those of the West. However, the globalization movement has had multiple impacts on Arab culture and the Arabic language. When comparing the Arabic language with the languages of Latin origin, it becomes clear that there exists multiple distinctions, especially in their writings and language. These distinctions did not play such a serious role several centuries ago, but with the increased cooperation between Arab nations and the Western world, these language dissimilarities have become well-recognized. Social media such as internet chatting and cell phone texting have appealed to the younger Arab generation as a platform for them to adapt with the changing times. Arabizi has emerged as a form of shorthand combining traditional Arabic with English numerals. Arabizi is an efficient and effective solution for young Arabs to reduce the gap between Arabic and English and ease communication.However, as with any important social change, the widespread use of Arabizi in the modern Arab world has had both positive and negative effects on Arab language and culture. Identifying these positive and negative impacts is a critical issue. Multiple researchers, such as Wid Allehaiby, Ibrahim Al-Shaer, Lamiyah Bahrainwala, Ruba Mustafa have been interested in researching the effects of Arabizi such as diminished language skills such as poorer spelling and writing skills in the native Arabic language. This paper examines their research and studies to explore the benefits of using Arabizi in the modern Arab world. Also, because the Arabic language is so closely tied with Arab culture and the Muslim religion, a brief look at these threats is included.


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