Asymmetric Synthesis of Organophosphates and Their Derivatives

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M.S. in Chemistry


Department of Chemistry


Advisor: Jeremey Erb


Organophosphorus compounds (OPs) are widely used in the agricultural industry especially in the pesticide market. Phosphates play a huge role as biological compounds in the form of energy carrier compounds like ATP, and medicine as antivirals. OPs have become increasingly important as evidenced by the publication of new methods devoted to their uses and synthesis. These well-established studies lay the basis for industrial organic derivatives of phosphorus preparations. The current work explored methods of synthesizing chiral organophosphate triesters. We experimented with different processes roughly divided into either an electrophilic or nucleophilic strategy using chiral Lewis acids, organocatalysts (HyperBTM), activating agents, and chiral auxiliaries with the goal of control stereoselectivity. These methods were explored through the use of different starting materials like POCl3, triethyl phosphate, methyl phosphordichloradate, and PSCl3. My research results suggest that most of the reactions only went to partial completion. Furthermore, most of the experiments were either non-effective product or the scientific data were not productive in the reaction, in fact, the product could not be isolated or purified. The synthesis reaction steps were evaluated through TLC, 1H NMR, and 31P NMR.


Chemistry, organophosphorus organophosphate chiral P-chiral

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