Blockchain Supported Demand Response In Smart Grids

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M.S. in Computer Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Advisor: Feng Ye


Smart grid is envisioned to be the technology capable of scheduling user's energy requirement based on demand. But with growing complexity with multiple sources and users,advanced communication and data exchange between different sectors of the power network is required. For efficient utilization and functioning of the power grid we need a decentralised system which is transparent,trustless and makes transactions faster. With developments in the field of Internet of Things and Blockchain technologies there are a number of solutions proposed but none of them address the issue of transaction time in trade and penalty for defaulters. In this work we propose here an energy transaction network which implements blockchain technology for validating transaction of energy between producer/consumer or procumer and saves energy and time using smart grids and lightning network transactions.


Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Blockchain, Smart Grids, Convex optimization, Demand Response, Multisig Wallet

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