Middle School Teachers' Knowledge and Training Regarding Anxiety Identification

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Specialist in Education (Ed.S.)


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Advisor: Elana Bernstein


Anxiety is the most common diagnosed mental health condition in adolescents. If not appropriately identified and addressed, anxiety and can lead to negative academic and social/emotional consequences for children and adolescents. Although parents are the best source of information when identifying anxiety in an adolescent, teachers also play an important role. This qualitative study examined middle school teachers' knowledge about anxiety and the sources for this knowledge (i.e., previous training experiences). Fourteen middle school teachers were interviewed in a focus group format to explore their perspectives and training experiences specific to students with anxiety. While teachers described having a basic level of knowledge about anxiety, they also described feeling unprepared and undertrained to identify anxiety in their students. Additionally, they expressed a significant need for mental health training for all teachers and staff working with early adolescents.


Middle School Education, middle school, anxiety, teacher training, mental health

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