MIMO Direct Adaptive Torque Control for Workspace Task of Hyper-redundant Robotic Arm

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Ph.D. in Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Advisor: Raúl Ordóñez


A multi-input multi-output (MIMO) direct adaptive torque controller with ?-modification;-modification is presented that uses a conventional fuzzy systems to provide end-effector motion task in work space for a class of hyper-redundant manipulators with uncertain dynamics. It is illustrated via both simulated and implemented examples that the MIMO adaptive controller, which drives the torque of each joint to control end-effector dynamic variables, can highly improve the robotic performance considering both its kinematics and dynamics while executing motion control or tracking a reference in work space. In addition, it increases the robustness with respect to disturbances, sensor noise and insufficiently understood dynamics. We prove that the efficacy of our control algorithm affects the accuracy, stability and robustness of both motion control and path tracking. Also, an on-line task modification method (OTMM) is applied to achieve singularity avoidance for the hyper-redundant arm at the velocity level. It avoids the singularity on-line and waives off-line singularity avoidance path planning and the effort to check whether the singularity is escapable for the hyper-redundant manipulator.


Electrical Engineering, MIMO Adaptive Control, Hyper-redundant Robot, Fuzzy System

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