Role of Social and Mainstream Media on Learning English Language in Saudi Arabia

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M.A. in English


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Advisor: Jennifer Haan


There has been limited research that has shed light on how the media plays a vital role in helping non-Anglophones countries in speaking or learning the English language. Saudi Arabia is no exception as the state does not use English as a national language but has a vast number of English speakers in the country. The Saudi Arabian curriculum through the help of the media, such as newspapers, commercial programs, and the internet, has made the spread of the English language extensive in the state. The country is considered to belong in the expanding circle which comprises of countries that use English as a foreign language. It gives more reason for the research as the study aims to find out how extensive English is used in the country. Therefore the sole aim of this research is to find out how people use English in this country and their perception towards English. This work will give a clear insight into how the language is used in various fields such as politics, trade, tourism, media and education in the country. It will enable readers to get a clear understanding of how such platforms have made it useful for English to prevail through distinct analysis of the policies, measures, and programs set by media outlets and options. Importantly, it should be noted that the media has and will always remain useful in the spread of the English language as many use it in their day to day lives. Extensive analysis of the role the internet has played in helping Saudi Arabians learn the English language will enable future studies to emulate such policies and steps in respective countries considered to be in the expanding circle category. Even though English is on the rise in Saudi Arabia, I will have to consider using Arabic as my primary language as I carry out my research. I will be expected to meet and interact with people with different levels of English knowledge. The study was able to provide substantial information on how English is used in the country with unusual social situations and platforms giving adequate data on the most used media outlets by the Saudi population to learn and communicate using the language effectively. The main research question is analyzing the status of English language in Saudi Arabia and the role that the media plays in the whole encounter. The media (local newspapers and media houses) have effectively contributed to the spread of English in Saudi Arabia.


English As A Second Language, Language, Teaching, Learning English, Mainstream Media on Learning English, English in Saudi Arabia

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