Scott Hahn and the Rise of Catholic Fundamentalism

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Ph.D. in Theology


Department of Religious Studies


Advisor: William Trollinger


This dissertation examines the life and work of Scott Hahn. As one of, if not the most, prominent Catholic voices in the United States today it is critical that his thought be assessed, as it is what millions of Catholic Americans, as well as an incredible number of Catholics throughout the world, look to for a depiction of Catholic faithfulness and tradition. In what follows, I demonstrate that his depiction of Catholic faithfulness, tradition, morality, and doctrine, despite being presented as entirely representative of Church teaching, fails to adequately reflect the varied and nuance nature of Catholic tradition. In this, not only does his approach fail to be representative of the Catholic position, but this dissertation concludes that the position he offers has more in common with Protestant Fundamentalism and should, thus, be recognized as introducing a Catholic Fundamentalism into the American Church and the Catholic world at large.


Theology, Religion, Regional Studies, Scott Hahn, fundamentalism, theology, certainty, Catholicism, Christianity, inerrancy, Revelation, Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Rome Sweet Home, The First Society, The Lambs Supper, Covenant and Communion

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