Teacher Knowledge of Child and Adolescent Suicide Warning Signs and Risk Factors

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Specialist in Education (Ed.S.)


Department of Counselor Education and Human Services


Advisor: Elana Bernstein


Recognizing the warning signs and risk factors for suicide is key in prevention efforts. The present study examined teacher knowledge of child and adolescent suicide risk factors and warning signs through the administration of a survey to 136 primary and secondary teachers. A quantitative survey design with paper surveys as the method of data collection was utilized for the present study. Participants were recruited through convenience sampling in school districts in which the primary researcher was completing a school psychology internship. Results indicated that teachers have limited knowledge of the risk factors and warning signs for suicide. Respondents listed an average of 2.39 out of 5 correct warning signs and an average of 2.22 out of 5 correct risk factors. Furthermore, the results of the Pearson product-moment correlation indicated no correlations between the grade level taught and correctly identified signs (r = 0.01) and between the number of years teaching and correctly identified signs (r = -.06). There was a correlation between the educational training program preparation and correctly identified signs (r = 0.22) and the number of professional development hours and correctly identified signs (r = 0.25). The results of the present study demonstrated the need for effective trainings for teachers to provide them with the knowledge of suicide risk factors and warning signs and resources to aide in the suicide prevention process.


Psychology, Education, Child and Adolescent Suicide, Child and Adolescent Suicide Risk Factors, Child and Adolescent Suicide Warning Signs, Teacher Knowledge

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