The Quality Factor and Tunability Optimization of a Novel BST Varactor Design

Date of Award


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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Advisor: Guru Subramanyam


In this study, a novel BST varactor design is presented that was originally designed asa way to optimize the Quality Factor, (Q), through an extensive analysis of the physicalparameters of a varactor that would perform in the 2 to 20 GHz range. However, throughsimulations, it was seen to have higher Q past 25 GHz after resonance. The novel designis presented for high tunability and with potential to have high Q in the millimeter wavefrequencies. The study goes further to optimize the device through designing variations atdifferent capacitance values from 1 pF to 0.06 pF and varying different physical parametersand seeing their effects on its Q. This study goes through design structure calculations,developing electrical models for the varactor designs and some fabrication results on thewafer tunability.


Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Engineering, Quality factor, BST varactor, Tunable, RF frequencies, Microwave frequencies, Millimeter wave frequencies, Quality factor optimization

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