The Silos of American Catholicism and Their Connections to Cultural and National Identities: An Examination of Contemporary Catholicism with Fr. James Martin, SJ and R.R. Reno

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M.A. in Theological Studies


Department of Religious Studies


Advisor: William Portier


The objective of this thesis is to outline the path of the American Church's currentpolarization. Those represented by Father James Martin are not as engaged in theTraditional aspects of the Church, which loses credibility among those on the otherside. On the other hand, those represented by R.R. Reno have embraced Tradition, buthave the risk of falling into extremism that ignores Catholic Social Teaching as it is mostwidely interpreted. At the same time these sides are disputing, young adults are leavingthe Church altogether at a drastic rate, which might make all this scholarship for naught.Through examining these sides from the viewpoint of migration into the United States, acommon thread emerges that will bring the two sides together rather than further cleavethem apart. However, as the American political stage shows in our current times, thereappears to be no simple solution.


Theology, Social Structure, Religious History, Religious Congregations, Religion, Political Science, History, Ethics, American History, American Studies, Contemporary Catholicism, American Catholicism, Migration, Fr James Martin, SJ, RR Reno, Polarization, Fragmentation, ecclesiology, Catholic Social Teaching, Tradition, Young adults, Latinx, American politics, First Things, America Magazine

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