Yves Congar's Theology of Laity and Ministries and Its Theological Reception in the United States

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Ph.D. in Theology


Department of Religious Studies


Advisor: William Portier


Yves Congar's theology of the laity and ministries is unified on the basis of his adaptation of Christ's triplex munera to the laity and his specification of ministry as one aspect of the laity's participation in Christ's triplex munera. The seminal insight of Congar's adaptation of the triplex munera is illumined by situating his work within his historical and ecclesiological context. The U.S. reception of Congar's work on the laity and ministries, however, evinces that Congar's principle insight has received a mixed reception by Catholic theologians in the United States due to their own historical context as well as their specific constructive theological concerns over the laity's secularity, or the priority given to lay ministry over the notion of a laity. Recovering the significance of the triplex munera for Congar's theology of the laity and lay ministry provides U.S. Catholics opportunity for greater fusion of horizons and understanding of the intrinsic relationship between the laity's secularity and their ecclesial ministries.


Theology, Religious History, Yves Congar, theology of the laity, theology of ministries, triplex munera, reception history

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