Performance Comparison of Basalt Fiber Laminates Due to Localized Heat Damage

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M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Mechanics


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Mechanics


Elias Anis Toubia 1974-


A comprehensive experimental study was performed to understand the thermal and mechanical responses of basalt fiber and E-glass reinforced composite laminates subjected to thermal damage. The effect of localized heat damage represented by a radiant heat flux of 50 kW/m2 on the shear and tensile properties is experimentally investigated. The layup sequence of the E-glass/vinylester specimens was [±45°/mat]s for 2-ply specimens and [±45°/mat]2s for 4-ply specimens. The layup sequence of the basalt fiber laminate was [±45°]2s. The morphology of the damage and interfacial debonding were postulated with the temperature profiles and evidenced by the ultrasonic analyses and micrograph images. The condition of the fiber-resin interface before and after heat damage significantly influences the post-fire residual properties of basalt fiber laminate.


Civil Engineering, Basalt, BFRP, In-plane shear, Localized heat damage, Residual strength

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