Gadnet For Virtual Reality Interaction

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M.C.S. (Master of Computer Science)


Department of Computer Science


Tam V. Nguyen


Virtual Reality (VR) is a significant technology that has the potential to revolutionize a variety of professions. Virtual reality, often known as immersive multimedia, is a virtual environment simulated by computers that may imitate physical presence of real-world in imaginative environments. Construction of VR setups are available for many new emerging technologies, but we have directed the VR technology, keeping in mind rehabilitation along with entertainment. The setup consists of three smartphones connected via TCP/IP protocol and a Head Mounting Device. The approach considers an individual playing pong game using the host phone as a primary visual component aided by Head Mounting Device (HMD) and the other two phones as left-hand and right-hand controller. The setup requires three smartphones with minimal setup cost and simple implementation. The application is built on Unity and the programing requires key features like computation of speed on the ball, sensor interaction, and connectivity of two secondary smartphones with the UI rackets on either side of the platform to direct the rackets Thus, the project makes for an interesting and rehabilitation product that can be used for future enhancement in medical physical therapy such as hand-eye coordination, shoulder socket movements etc. There is also scope of enhancement on the experience of VR for general people


Computer Science, GadNet, Virtual Reality, Low-Cost, Networking, Mobile Network, Unity3D, Rehabilitation, Gaming, VR Game

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