The Efficacy of Online Traumatic Brain Injury Training for Pre-Service Educators

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Ed.S. in School Psychology


School of Education and Health Sciences


Susan Davies


Objective: To examine the efficacy of an online traumatic brain injury (TBI) professional development intervention for preservice educators, In the Classroom After Concussion: Best Practices for Student Success. Design: A random total sample of 55 preservice educators, with 34 in the test group, and 21 in the control group. Test participants completed the pretest, nine online training modules, and the posttest. The control group completed only the pretest and posttest. Results: On the posttest assessment, in comparing the difference in scores from pretest to posttest, test group participants showed significantly greater gains in knowledge (M = 4.65, SD = 6.08) than the control group (M = .19, SD = 5.34). Conclusion: Given the increasing prevalence of TBI in school-aged children, it is paramount to develop and provide cost effect, evidence-based, and easily accessible trainings for TBI professional development. The In the Classroom trainings can be one solution. Implications for effective training will be discussed.


Special Education, Mental Health, Counseling Education, traumatic brain injury, online traumatic brain injury, tbi, concussion, return to school after tbi, in the classroom online training, pre-service educator tbi training

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