Temporal Manipulation of Spatiotemporal Optical Vortex Via Temporal Airy Profile

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M.S. in Electro-Optics and Photonics


Department of Electro-Optics and Photonics


Andy C. Chong


The spatiotemporal optical vortex (STOV), which was discovered recently, has phase singularity in space-time. Meanwhile, an Airy pulse has interesting properties of non-dispersiveness, self-acceleration, and self-healing in propagation. A method to manipulate the phase singularity of STOV in time has been proposed and investigated theoretically and experimentally. We utilize the spatial light modulator to combine the Airy pulse and the STOV to form a new wave packet of Airy-STOV. The phase singularity of the Airy-STOV can be manipulated by exploring the Airy pulse properties of non-dispersiveness, self-acceleration, and self-healing. The non-dispersive and self-healing properties provide an extended propagation distance for STOV in dispersive media. The self-accelerating property can be used for the time management of STOV, such as the changing of arrival time. The manipulation method we demonstrated benefits the future study of STOV, especially the STOV interaction with matters.


Optics, Physics, Spatiotemporal Optical Vortex, Airy pulse, non-dispersive propagation, self-acceleration, self-healing

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