The Impact of Coloring Mandalas on Test Anxiety in Adolescents

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Ed.S. in School Psychology


School of Education and Health Sciences


Elana Bernstein


Objective: To examine whether the mindfulness practice of coloring a mandala can reduce test anxiety in adolescents. Design: Two classrooms of fifth-grade students were selected to participate in the study before a math exam. Test participants completed measures of mindfulness and anxiety, colored a mandala, and completed the same measures again. The control group participated in a free coloring activity between the measures. Results: In comparing the difference in scores between groups, test group participants reported a significantly greater reduction in anxiety (M = 9.86, SD= 9.06) than the control group (M = 2.86, SD = 7.40). Conclusion: Given the increasing prevalence in mindfulness activities in schools, it is important to identify activities that research has shown to be effective. Results of this study indicate that coloring mandalas can be a helpful tool to reduce test anxiety. Implications for use of mindfulness strategies for test anxiety in schools are discussed.


Educational Psychology, mindfulness

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