Group trajectory analysis in sport videos

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M.C.S. (Master of Computer Science)


Department of Computer Science


Tam Nguyen


Trajectory Prediction is the problem of predicting the short-term and long-term spatialcoordinates of various agents such as cars, buses, pedestrians. In Trajectory Prediction we use themoment of an agent's past trajectories to predict action or course the agent is going to make in thefuture. It is difficult to predict trajectory of a player since various factors after the decision whicha player makes, leading to his next step. We propose a model which uses video input from asport, then extracting the data from the video to extract the players movement pattern from whichthe trajectory of the player is predicted through trajectory prediction Network. We implementobject detection and efficient tracking to extract the players position information from the dataset.Our model has a Mean Average Displacement (MAD) of 8.35.


Computer Science, trajectory prediction, trajectory analysis

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