"I just don't feel like doing this anymore" : a phenomenological study of student engagement and satisfaction in learning during COVID19

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M.A. in Communication


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Cassandra Secrease


During the Spring 2020 semester, the COVID19 pandemic forced colleges and universities to adopt remote learning for an emergency remote learning period (ELP) from March to May 2020. The current work utilized a phenomenological approach to understanding the perceptions and experiences reported by students who were studying as undergraduates at a mid-sized university in the Midwest. 3 participants in a focus group were asked questions pertaining to their perceptions of engagement and satisfaction with learning during that time. Results provide four themes that emerged during the focus group: loss, shifting formats, professor issues, and overload of learning material. The current work includes a literature review, detailing the COVID19 epidemic, engagement in learning, and satisfaction in learning. It describes the methodology used, including a delineation of phenomenology. It reports the results from the focus group and provides a discussion and outline of limitations and implications for future research.


Communication, COVID19, student engagement, student satisfaction in learning, phenomenology, phenomenological approach, focus group

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