Building the "Dream": Stories of Identity of Migrant Teachers of English in Mexico

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Ph.D. in Educational Leadership


Department of Educational Administration


Colleen Gallagher


This narrative study explored the experiences of pre-service teacher trainees in a TEFL Certificate program for migrants and returnees to Mexico. The study used the analytical lens of Wenger's (1998) communities of practice framework to trace ways in which participants formed their language teacher identities during participation, especially considering their life trajectories and binational, bicultural experiences. Recommendations for program developers in relation to curriculum and potential activities, which seek include and build upon these counter-stories of migrant experience, are included.


Teacher Education, Teaching, Educational Leadership, Education, English As A Second Language, TESOL, TEFL, Identity, Pre-service teachers, Teacher training, Mexico, Communities of Practice, Narrative inquiry, Migrant, Returnee, Deportee, Language Teacher Identity

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