Examining High School ELS' Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Adopting Technology to Nurture English Language Mastery and Proficiency

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M.A. in English


Department of English


Jennifer Haan


The proportion of ESL/EFL learners across greater Kuwait is skyrocketing. Earlier scholars in the education discipline have applied insights and techniques of corpora technology to advance English learners' learning and writing aptitudes. The research setting for this study is a high school in greater Kuwait. The research setting was a classroom context where the proposed Corpus-Based Program (CBP) curriculum was integrated into the mainstream learning for one term. The research identified 44 subjects who volunteered to enroll and contribute toward this accomplishment. For quantitative analysis, the project utilized a pre-and-post EFL Writing Test to examine the students' mastery of the language and proficiency in writing using a rubric score to analyze individual performance. I administered a Semi-Structured Interview (SSI) during both the pre-and-post the CBP implementation to document the students' performance before and after implementing CBP. Using a Questionnaire on Corpus Use (QOCU), the identification of students' attitudes and perceptions concerning the corpus and whether it was essential in nurturing their mastery and proficiency of the English language was made. The Evaluative Questionnaire (EQ) was developed to investigate the respondents' attitudes and views toward the CBP. The results indicate that students present positive perceptions and attitudes toward corpus use to nurture their competency in English language vocabulary.


Teacher Education, EFL/ESL, corpus use, high school students (HIGH-SCHOOL), English language, classroom context, CBP curriculum, and corpora technology.

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