Azobenzene Derivatives and Their Application in Designing Photoresponsive Dynamic Supramolecular Aggregates

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M.S. in Chemistry


Department of Chemistry


Angela Mammana


Certain molecules (photochromic compounds), when exposed to the light of a specific wavelength, undergo a reversible "isomeric" transformation which leads to reversible changes in some physicochemical properties. Azobenzene derivatives are an example of a photochromic compound that undergoes "cis-trans isomerization" upon irradiation with UV-visible light. Azobenzene derivatives have been previously found to form dynamic photo-responsive supramolecular aggregates. This research aims to further investigate the properties of azobenzene derivatives, and an in-depth understanding of how they form, if at all, dynamic photo-switching aggregates. To evaluate, and study the properties of these molecules, experiments such as solubility, irradiation, and pH experiments were conducted.


Chemistry, "Supramolecular Chemistry, Photochemistry, Azobenzene, Nanotechnology, Supramolecular aggregates, CD Spectroscopy, UV-Vis Spectroscopy, Cis-Trans Isomerization"

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