The Ark-Woman, Conqueror of Evil and Type of the Virgin Mary: A Marian Reading of 1 Samuel 5 and Revelation 12

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M.A. in Religious Studies


Department of Religious Studies


Sebastien B. Abalodo


This thesis seeks to uncover the scriptural foundations for the ancient Catholic sensibility that the Virgin Mary is the great opponent of Satan, the devil. The method adopted is a Marian reading of both the Ark of the Covenant and the Woman clothed with the sun in Scripture, specifically where the Ark appears in 1 Samuel 5 and the Woman in Revelation 12. The thesis begins with some brief illustrations of the Ark's history and Department of Religious Studies, then moves on to a close reading of 1 Samuel 5 and Revelation 12, respectively. For 1 Samuel 5, a close reading of the text seeks to uncover how Scripture portrays the Ark in this passage as nothing less than God's chosen conqueror of evil. For Revelation 12, a close reading of the text follows John's carefully-constructed depiction of the Woman clothed with the sun as being clothed with triumphant spiritual dignity, specially protected by providence, and invulnerable to the attacks of the Dragon. The work concludes with a typological and symbolic reading of the 'Ark-Woman' (the Ark from 1 Samuel 5 together with the Woman of Revelation 12) in both texts, through a Marian lens. It is hoped that a Marian exploration of these texts may help to heighten our appreciation of some of the biblical foundations for Marian devotion, as well as alert us to the indispensable role which the Virgin Mary plays in the spiritual battles of all Christians.


Department of Religious Studies, Religion, Marian typology, biblical typology, ark of the covenant, woman clothed with the sun, 1 Samuel, Revelation 12, Genesis 3:15, angels, demons, spiritual warfare

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