Co-creating an EMBA Mentoring Program for Women Using a Sense of Belonging

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Ed.D. in Educational Leadership


Department of Educational Administration


Matthew Witenstein


The Auburn University Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree program has enrolled fewer women in comparison to their male counterparts in each cohort since the inception of the program. The percentage of women has varied year-to-year but has never exceeded 35% . As women continue to increase their roles in upper management in the business world, nearing 50%, the number of female EMBA students in each cohort should more closely mirror the numbers of women in upper management in business. This research project studies the effect of the creation of a women's mentoring program on the retention of currently enrolled and future recruitment of female students. The aforementioned mentoring program will focus on building a sense of belonging through the application of the qualitative data that was gathered and reviewed, the results of which provided insights into the scaffolding needed to create the mentoring program and allow for the development of next steps.


Education, Educational Leadership, Higher Education, Higher Education Administration, Executive MBA, mentoring, women, sense of belonging, EMBA

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