Community Engagement in an Urban Charter School

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Ed.D. in Educational Leadership


Department of Educational Administration


James Olive


The study examines the problem of practice of community engagement in urban charter schools. Charter schools often do not have the same access to resources or the amount of funding that traditional public schools receive. Creating partnerships with external community stakeholders is a tool that organizations can use to fill in the gap created by the inequality of funding. Part of developing community partners is increasing community engagement with the organization. Community engagement can create multiple types of supports for the students. Engaging the community and involving external stakeholders provides the organization with insight into what outcomes the community wants for the students, providing a range of voices and opportunities for the students. The study provides an action plan to create and sustain community engagement in an urban charter school and provides a framework other organizations can model.


Education, Education Philosophy, Educational Leadership, Educational Theory, School Administration, Secondary Education, Teaching, Urban, Charter School, Community Engagement, Funds of Knowledge, Culturally Responsive, Action Research, Leadership, Service Learning, Organizational Change

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