Missing Murdered Indigenous Women on the Frontlines of North Carolina

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Ed.D. in Educational Leadership


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James Olive


The Missing Murdered Indigenous Women Coalition of North Carolina (MMIW NC) has examined the relationships among local, state, county, tribal, and federal supportive and responsive systems, gaps in services, and barriers to care in North Carolina that contribute to violence against American Indian women, girls, and two-spirit. There are gaps in coverage due to databases not having racial categories for American Indian women to select what race they belong to, jurisdictional battles that occur when reservation residents are discovered or reported missing elsewhere, tribes' inability to exercise sovereignty and prosecute violent crimes such as rape. The MMIW NC Coalition is dedicated to creating a statewide initiative to convince the North Carolina General Assembly, North Carolina Department of Public Safety, North Carolina Attorney General's Office, governor of North Carolina, and Commission of Indian Affairs provides a database for the monitoring or public reporting of missing and murdered Indigenous women and create a task response responsible for gathering the data. Currently, no comprehensive, accessible, cross-jurisdictional database exists to record missing American Indian women in North Carolina.


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