Church-based Mentoring Program: Increasing Youth Engagement

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Ed.D. in Educational Leadership


Department of Educational Administration


James Olive


In this practical action research, I utilized the mixed-method approach to identify ways, approached, and methods of church-based mentoring that improves youth engagement for the good of the church, community, and youth development. Based upon the findings in this study, an action plan was devised wherein the church-based youth mentoring program will utilize consistency, communication, and support (being supportive) as the core of the mentoring program's structure. It is anticipated that this will improve youth engagement in the mentoring program and church. Implications and directions for future research that stem from my study will be to continue researching ways to close the gap in youth participation and attendance within the church.


Cultural Resources Management, Instructional Design, Management, Operations Research, Organization Theory, Religious Congregations, Spirituality, church-based mentoring, mentoring, church leadership, youth development, youth engagement, community resource, youth participation in church

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