Leveling the Playing Field: Student-Athlete Academic Support at Georgetown College

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Ed.D. in Educational Leadership


Department of Educational Administration


Matthew Witenstein


The academic success of student-athletes is a hot topic on college campuses. This exploratory action research study seeks to understand the best ways to support student-athletes at a small, private college with a large student-athlete population. Utilizing the Whole Student Theory of Advising (WSToA) framework, student-athletes were surveyed and interviewed to better understand their perspective. The data indicates that student-athletes seek more support that meets their unique needs. An intervention-based model of faculty advisor training is proposed as a solution for improving the academic success of student-athletes and building interpersonal relationships between student-athletes and advisors. The scope of this solution may only apply to the institution studied; however, higher-education academic and athletic staff will find the methodology and findings useful.


Academic Guidance Counseling, Educational Leadership, Educational Psychology, Educational Sociology, Education Policy, Education, Higher Education, Higher Education Administration, Student-athlete, Advising, NAIA, Student-athlete advising, Georgetown College

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