Characterization of Single Photon Avalanche Diodes Using a Black Body Source

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M.S. in Electro-Optics and Photonics


Department of Electro-Optics and Photonics


Joshua Duran


Single photon avalanche diodes (SPADs) are semiconductor photodetectors capable of detecting single photons. They can detect such low levels of light thanks to their internal gain mechanism that utilizes impact ionization. These detectors are commonly used for LiDAR and other applications. It is important to be able to accurately characterize these devices in order for them to be used for these applications. There are many important characteristics of SPADs including photon detection efficiency, dark count rate, afterpulsing probability, and timing resolution. In this thesis, I will discuss the radiometric approach I have used to characterize the photon detection efficiency of a SPAD in the 500 − 940nm wavelength range. I will compare this approach to other characterization techniques and discuss the potential challenges and advantages of implementing it on detectors that operate in the 1 − 2.1μm wavelength range.


Optics, Single Photon Avalanche Diode, Sensor Characterization, Avalanche Photodiode, Photon Detection Efficiency, Blackbody

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