Analysis of Propagation Across Multilayered Metamaterials for Subwavelength Focusing and Bandpass Filtering Applications

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M.S. in Electro-Optics


Department of Electro-Optics and Photonics


Partha Banerjee


Hyperbolic metamaterials are artificial nano-fabricated structures, which can be made by periodic metallo-dielectric layers. Hyperbolic metamaterials show great potential in a wide variety of applications, and hence optical properties of such materials, i.e., the behavior of beams propagating and their transmission characteristics, are of great significance. In this work, first, the propagation of profiled beams is analyzed inside an anisotropic bulk medium using a transfer function approach in one transverse dimension. Then, a transfer matrix method is developed to study arbitrary optical field propagation through the hyperbolic metamaterials, including both incident and emergent media. The feasibility and accuracy of the transfer matrix method are verified numerically. The unique optical properties of the hyperbolic metamaterials, such as negative refractive index, are revealed analytically by the techniques mentioned above and are supported experimentally. Moreover, the dispersion relation of periodic metallo-dielectric structures is derived. It is shown by the dispersion relation that the transmission characteristics of hyperbolic metamaterials are intrinsically affected by many factors, viz., the complex refractive index of the materials, and the geometric parameters of the structures. With proper design, the transmittance spectra of such structures can be manipulated, leading to applications such as transmission filters. By providing alternative methods to study beam propagation and wave transmission across anisotropic metamaterial slabs, this work should be helpful to reveal the optical properties of hyperbolic metamaterials, enabling metamaterial-based devices to be designed and optimized with higher efficiency and greater flexibility.


Optics, Electrical Engineering, Electromagnetics, Engineering, metamateirals, self-focusing, dispersion relation, transfer matrix, bandpass

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