Fostering Resilience In High School Students Through Social-Emotional Learning

Date of Award


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Ed.S. in School Psychology


Department of Counselor Education and Human Services


Graham Hunter


Resilience addresses the socio-ecological framework of individual, family, school and community influences, which impacts an individual's development through protective and risk factors. Social-emotional learning is an important educational standard that promotes knowledge and skills for developing identities, managing emotions and establishing healthy relationships. The two concepts have not been directly associated in research. The present study examined the correlational relationship between self-reported SEL and resilience in (n = 113) high school seniors in three high schools in a midwestern state. SEL was measured using the Panorama SEL survey, while resilience was measured using the Child and Youth Resilience Measure. Results indicated that significant relationships exist between resilience and overall SEL levels, and between resilience and the individual SEL concepts, including emotion regulation, engagement, growth mindset, sense of belonging and supportive relationships. Implications for high school educators, college student services and employers searching for effective and appropriate SEL programs are discussed.


Educational Psychology, Education, Resilience, social-emotional learning, high school students

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