The Lived Experience of Teacher Cultural Competence

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Ed.D. in Educational Leadership


School of Education and Health Sciences


Matthew Witenstein


The lived experiences of both students and teachers impact the classroom environment and there is undoubtedly a cultural influence on these experiences. As role models and leaders of the classroom, teachers have a duty to increase awareness of their own cultures as well as the cultures of their students. This study focuses on teacher perceptions of cultural competence and the impact on student relationships, classroom practices, and the school environment. Focus groups and a phenomenological approach were utilized to gather qualitative data from educators across the United States. A desire to develop cultural competency, a want for curricular integration of such, and a need for enhanced training through system wide initiatives to promote development of cultural competence emerged as themes.


Adult Education, Behavioral Sciences, Black History, Continuing Education, Cultural Resources Management, Curriculum Development, Early Childhood Education, Education, Education History, Education Philosophy, Education Policy, Educational Evaluation, Educational Leadership, Educational Psychology, Educational Sociology, Educational Tests and Measurements, Educational Theory, Elementary Education, Ethics, Higher Education, Higher Education Administration, Mathematics Education, Minority and Ethnic Groups, Organization Theory, Organizational Behavior, Philosophy, Preschool Education, Public Health Education, Social Research, Social Structure, Teacher Education, Teaching, Teacher Cultural Competence, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Teacher Preparation, Funds of Knowledge, Culture, Race, Ethnicity, Barriers to Learning, Professional Development, Preservice Teachers

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