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Doctoral Thesis in Sacred Theology wtih Specialization in Marian Studies


International Marian Research Institute


Thomas Thompson


This doctoral dissertation gives a comprehensive, organic and profound systematization to all that he preached to the people of his time regarding the Virgin Mother of God. No complete, organic study of Savonarolan Marian theology has been done except for the Licentiate thesis that was based mainly on the writings or treatises of the friar. This present study will examine and relate Savonarola's thoughts on the Virgin Mary as they come forth from his sermons. These sermons were based on an array of biblical books, especially Old Testament prophets, and include a rich diversity of subject matter relative to this study. From high mysticism to scandalous paintings of Renaissance Madonnas, from clerical laxity and the corruption of prelates to practical advice to the faithful in assisting at Holy Mass, the sermons relate the spirit of Fra Girolamo as pastor of souls, reformer, spiritual master and popular preacher in a most passionate and graphic style. The Virgin Mother played an important role in his preaching career as she is often mentioned and praised in many ways, forms and images in his sermons. As a summation, this study will first focus upon the fifteenth century Marian doctrines and devotions. The more popular characteristics of Marian teachings and piety of the fifteenth century will be underlined. Then, the larger and more substantial part of this study, Savonarola's own Marian teachings will be seen systematically and organically. The conclusion is an appraisal of the entire work in an attempt to discern whether Fra Girolamo was an innovator with original themes and creative expressions, or whether he followed the more conventional ideas and modes of his time.


Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint, Motherhood (Spiritual)

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