Barriers for College Students Requesting Accommodations for Disabilities

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


Davin J. Carr-Chellman


This qualitative study was conducted to explore the lived experiences of college students with mental health disabilities when requesting and using accommodations. Using a phenomenological approach aided in understanding the meaning of the lived experiences by considering their feelings and emotions. Findings showed that there are barriers preventing students from enrolling with the office of disabilities, during the enrollment process, and when using accommodations. An action plan was created to focus on professional development, increasing resources, and creating partnerships that will lead to more students being served. The plan included an assessment of knowledge and gaps in training to develop a curriculum to generate new practices and to create partnerships among professionals to better serve students.


Counseling Education, Gifted Education, Higher Education, Higher Education Administration, Mental Health, Personal Relationships, Rehabilitation, School Administration, School Counseling, Social Psychology, Social Work, Vocational Education, Academic Guidance Counseling, Adult Education, college students with disabilities, accommodations, barriers, mental health, mental health counselors, vocational rehabilitation counselors, ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, office of disabilities

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