Actualizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Ed.D. in ducational Administration


Department of Educational Administration


Davin J. Carr-Chellman


The need for organizations to address diversity, equity, and inclusion can be related to a myriad of issues. From internal organizational affairs to matters found in recent current events, and the fragile racial climate across the United States, organizations are looking for substantive ways to solve their diversity problems. Diversity statements peaked in popularity after the Summer of 2019. Efforts to devise a diversity statement were noble, however, if the words in the statement misrepresented the lived experiences of stakeholders, adjustments need to be made. This study focuses on educators as they identify features of their diversity, equity, and inclusion development. The findings reveal how leaders can understand and support educators to initiate shifts and fully actualize a diversity mission.


Department of Educational Administration., Education, Diversity Statement, equity, inclusion, private school educators, DE&I in private schools

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