A Comprehensive Look at Pedagogical Practices in Trauma Informed Care

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


James Olive


A mixed methods study was conducted to create pedagogical practices to help teachers identify ways of better accommodating students who have been impacted with trauma. Findings suggest that both veteran, as well as entry leveled teachers had insufficient training when it came to trauma informed care, social-emotional learning, and knowledge of the ethics of care. Themes which emerged from the findings allowed for an extensive action plan to be created. By applying Nodding's (2005), ethics of care- implementing care into the classroom, Maslow's hierarchy of needs- making sure the basic needs of students are met (Hooper, 2020), and adopting a social-emotional curriculum to focus on a student's well-being (Bailey et al., 2019), the action plan's objectives were to establish a trauma informed care program. A 3 tiered step by step program was created for teachers to receive the proper training on social-emotional curriculum, professional development, and untimely embed a new trauma informed care program.


Education, Ethics, Teaching, Teacher Education, Trauma-informed care, the ethics of care, social-emotional learning, mixed methods study

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