Perceptions of Career Barriers Among Low-Income and Minority Students at Urban Community College

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Ed.D. in Leadership for Organizations


Department of Educational Administration


Aaliyah Baker


This study explored the perception of career barriers among low-income and minority students at Urban Community College by using career barrier inventory revised (CBI-R) instrument. Data analysis showed that students have perceived external career barriers, such as racial discrimination, and internal perceived career barriers, such as, inadequate preparation in their career field and dissatisfy with career they currently have. The results shows that they may have slight internal career barrier of lack of confidence, and external career barriers sex discrimination, multiple-role conflict which means someone who is working as well as taking care of children at home. To help students overcome their career barriers an action plan was designed for intervention, which included workshops, counseling services, and psychoeducation intervention. Assessment and evaluation plan was designed for the effectiveness and improvement of this program.


Academic Guidance Counseling, Education, Department of Educational Administration., Educational Evaluation, Higher Education, Social Psychology, College Career services, Academic advisement, Perceived career barriers and Self efficacy, Social cognitive career theory, Psychoeducation

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