Praise, O Sion, your Savior: eucharistic presence in St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa and hymns

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M.A. in Theological Studies


Department of Religious Studies


Advisor: Dennis M. Doyle


This thesis discusses the Eucharistic theology of St. Thomas Aquinas, focusing on the subject of Christ's true presence, within both the Summa Theologiae and four hymns which Aquinas composed for the feast of Corpus Christi. First, a historical survey is used to locate Aquinas within the history of the discussion of Christ's presence. Then, a separate theological analysis of St. Thomas' theology of Christ's presence first within the Summa and then within the hymns. Finally, the theological content of both hymns and theology are used to deepen the understanding of each, and build toward a Eucharistic theology drawing from both sources.


Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274 Theology, Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274. Summa theologica, Lord's Supper Real presence, Eucharist Real presence, Theology, Religious History, Religion, Medieval Literature, Music, Literature, Aquinas, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Summa, Corpus Christ, Eucharist, Hymns, Lauda Sion, Pange Lingua, O Salutaris, Panis Angelicus, Eucharistic Controversy, Scholasticism

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