Incorporation of Google Docs in Composition Classes to Foster Collaboration

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M.A. in English


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Jennifer Haan


Google Docs is a web-based word-processing application known for its collaborative features and accessibility. It allows for real-time document creation, editing, and sharing among users, making it suitable for group work, peer review, and providing feedback. However, there are limitations to its formatting options, which may not fully support specialized formatting needs for assignments such as APA or MLA styles. Accessibility features could also be improved, particularly in creating more accessible tables and adding closed captioning to videos for users with disabilities. The commenting system can be clunky and difficult to follow, and the revision history feature can be challenging to navigate. Additionally, tracking changes and revisions, especially in large documents, can be improved to facilitate the evaluation of student work and group projects. Google Docs could also enhance mobile optimization features for smaller screens and integrate with plagiarism detection software to address plagiarism concerns. Furthermore, improving support for non-Department of English languages and providing guidance to students unfamiliar with the platform can enhance its effectiveness in college-level composition classes.


Composition, Teaching, Teacher Education, Technology, Rhetoric, Reading Instruction, Pedagogy, Literacy, Linguistics, Language, Language Arts, Journalism, Department of English As A Second Language, Education, Google Docs, usability, composition, writing, collaboration

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